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Do not let children play this game. The force them to watch awful violent previews before they get in to different areas. Adults allowing this in a kids games are sick!


Nice app

Great game, love it!

One of the best Coco games so far. Very entertaining :)

Fun but

Make there be NO full version please


I do find this game enjoyable, and I would have bought the full version if there was some sort of an achievement such as; *once you get a certain amount of fan points you get a new outfit, hairstyle, or makeup piece Or *once you hit a certain level in your gym training you get a new dance move Just a couple suggestions but just giving the user something to work towards will keep the game interesting and worth the money spent.

Great game!!

Love the game so much one of the best coco games yet!!

Best game Ever

But I want the full version but it is a little expensive


On the next update if you dont have enough money you guys should unlock more outfits and accessories and the clinic bc it not fair to people that dont have money so you guys should/need to do that

Chapter 2: Rating Downward

Hi again. I still love the game like the first time I played. But the new update was so scary. First of all, the rating. I dont mean the App Store rates, but the fan rating. They are putting me to 4th or 5th. Second, still the rating. When I watch others dances, I feel like, OMG, I want the full version free! They dance more gracefully than me, dress more beautiful and their stages are also beautiful! Can we get the full version free? Please? I will rate you more than five stars. I will rate you 1 billion stars.

Suggestions for makeing a good game better

I still love this game but i feel some things will make this a better game. 1. More costumes 2. More color choices for already exsisting costumes 3. More stage options (backgrounds, songs, ext) 4. More stage effects (more lighting effects, more light shades, more sparkles ext) 5. Option to have more then one ballerina on stage per dance. 6. Ability to save dance reply videos to device.

Very fun

One thing

I dont want to tell you to make the full version free , but I just maybe want you to cut down the price , its very expensive for an app in my opinion ! I really want the full version but If I ask to get it , my parents would think its too much money for an app. And i think it would be a better game if there was a bigger selection of songs especially the songs but i do think that it would be good app if you could add a lil more if everything.


Its an Amazing app really fun, needs to update more like hair and clothes and new dance moves! But other wise its a really fun app!!

A couple things u need to fix

I like the game but I want more hair styles and when I say that I mean I want more than one hair style that I can unlock and I get like an explosion of adds when I get out of a place so I hope u guys can fix that cuz if u do Ill be like dis

Fix the bug

I love this game but when the recital went on there was a bug and all of my progress was lost

This is the best game ever

I spend hours playing this. I love how the ballerina actually eats real food, like, carbs, and theres a private hospital just like in a real ballet company. My only complaint is, why no brown or black hair? Or black costumes so I can choreograph maleficent or the black swan? But seriously, I am desperate for brown hair.

Lets start from the top

1. Ugliest outfits 2. Ugly girl 3. Ugly makeup 4. Ugly hairdos (green?really?) 5. Ugly friends( are they even my friends) 6. Ugly backgrounds 7. You cant change the back ground. I watched it 2 times. Now locked 8. I was # 2 as Lillian( still another name for me) and now Im 19!!! URGHHHH!

Fun but has problems

Really fun and enjoyable but it askes me for the full version ALL THE TIME!!!! It glitches all the time too. Love the game otherwise


I am a HUGE fan of coco play games, but this one is the BEST one that coco play has ever made. The only thing is, there r not a lot of tights to choose from when u dont have the full version. But, other than that, I LOVE this game! This game deserves 5 stars!!!!!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I love this game it is so much fun!

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